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For the last 30 years I have had the privilege of working for and leading non-profit organisations; pioneering local, national and international education, employment and social change programmes. 

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Today I put that experience to use in my own freelance work which involves me working in my local community, schools, non-profit organisations and with companies both in the UK and abroad.

Most recently I have developed the Facework employment training project with marginalised and vulnerable young people.

Since 2014 I have largely promoted myself through LinkedIN and Twitter so if you want to contact me its best to do so through these platforms.  However there are examples of my past work and writings on this website.


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Here are some of the services I offer:

You can also read what others have said about working with me and contact me if you think I can help.

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Recent Feedback

Stephen has worked with Southwark Children's Services since 2008 on a range of important projects including delivering cyberbullying training across our schools, organising a borough-wide competition for children, running our CPD courses for teachers on how to combat cyberbullying and undertaking specialist E-safety training for groups such as foster parents and ICT co-ordinators.

Stephen has the unique ability to work effectively with both children, parents and professionals and the feedback we continue to receive from schools who have benefited from Stephen's training has been excellent, with many have commenting to me personally what a difference Stephen's training has made and how inspired they have been from Stephen's approach to working with young people.

We are will be continuing to work with Stephen and recommend to our schools that they use his services. I would strongly recommend Stephen's work to other Local Authorities and schools, as long as that doesn't take him away from working with us !"

Paul Morgan Head of E-Learning, Southwark Local Authority

Hearing about Stephen's experience of working with Microsoft in other countries and helping schools understand the importance of e-safety, we invited Stephen to be a key note speaker at a major conference we were sponsoring on citizenship and the Internet herein Estonia. The feedback we had from delegates was exceptionally positive and teachers really appreciated the practical advice and the training on how to help children get the most out of social networking and mobile technology. They also appreciated the spirit in which Stephen shared the lesson learnt from other countries and the ways to protect children online. We would definitely recommend him as a keynote speaker to other organisations and Education Ministries and hope to work with him again in the future."

Rain LaaneCountry Manager, Microsoft, Estonia

We are pleased to say that Stephen Carrick-Davies has worked with Childline on a number of occasions, last in November 2009, when his Cyberbullying Workshop was hailed as one of the most outstanding externally-led Workshops at our Volunteer Training Fair:

'Inspiring speaker'  'Fascinating insight'   'Excellent presentation'  Very relevant'   'Useful and thought-provoking'  ' Need him to come back'  were just some of the comments delegates included on their evaluation forms.

We have no hesitation in recording our professional relationship with him and will be using him again and again …"

Lindel SaluChildLine Supervisor

We had Stephen come and work in our school to work with all our 240 Year VII pupils and parents. These sessions went down extremely well and what we really appreciated about Stephen’s approach was that he really connected with the young people; validating their own experiences and asking them questions about how they used new social media before showing them how they could easily get into difficulties. This was education at its best – not scaring or lecturing - but empowering children to see for themselves. We’ve already booked Stephen to come for two days in September 09. Increasingly there is a key responsibility and a strategic opportunity for schools to support both pupils and parents in this area and I would strongly recommend that others use Stephen to help them."

Andrew Huthinson OBE Executive Principal, Parkside Federation, Cambridge

Working with Stephen was straightforward and a pleasure from the first e mail to saying goodbye at the end of an inspiring day working with children, staff and parents. His particular gift lies in transforming parents fears into knowledge and practical ideas for making the best use of this technological world we are raising our children in. Focusing on the parenting aspects of relationship building, trust and respect, rather than merely giving us all a lecture about what to do if you suspect your child is looking at dodgy websites was wonderfully empowering for the parents. I would recommend Stephen as a speaker and very much hope to work with him again."

Judy Reith Parent Coach, director of Parenting People



The project which I have developed in partnership with the Inclusion Trust and Worktree and with funding from Nominet Trust